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Production Equipment
Production equipment of package material in logistic & express
There are large number of equipment which are divided with category
Waybill production
19 sets Waybill printing machine , 15 sets barcode printing machine , 14 sets waybill binding machine, 10 sets quality monitory machine;
Capacity of production: 18 million/day of 4 sheet waybill production 
The biggest factory of waybill production in China

Courier envelopes, boxes, arms around bags etc. multi-color printing production:
5 sets chromatic machine,2 set2 flexo machine of Courier envelope,17 set2 finishing machine of courier envelopes, 2 sets carton sealing machine and over 40 sets of other after process and molding equipment of CTP, QC equipment
Capacity: courier envelopes 25 million pcs/day, paper box of medicine 12 million pcs /day, packaging paper bags 8 million pcs/day
Courier envelopes and packaging boxes have great advantages on the price if quantity is high.

Logistics express the non-drying label production:
Label production equipment: 17sets
Capacity:25 million-20 million/month, can produce 17 million pcs/day of label with the size of 8*11”
The top supplier of label production in China
Production of courier bags:
Courier bag blown film machine:17 sets
Courier packaging bag printing machine: 6 sets
Logistic finishing machine: 30 sets
Capacity: 33 million pcs/day
Appointed supplier of courier bags for DHL, SF, Malaysia post

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